About Novum Law Group


Novum Law Group was founded by Renee Legg and Sheredyn Legg. We have more than 35 years combined experience practicing in our local community, and share a vision to provide high-quality legal services you expect from a city firm with the personal touch you only get at a local firm where you’re more than just a number.

We serve clients across a range of areas including property conveyancing law, wills and estate planning, deceased estates, retirement living, reverse mortgage advice and general disputes.

Our office is at 602 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham,  but have many long-term clients across Melbourne and rural Victoria whom we enjoy assisting flexibly including by video-conference or in-person attendance.



We work with people and clients we share a vision with. Our team is actively interested in who you are, what you care about, what you do and what you want to achieve. We align ourselves with your goals and earn your trust that we are on your side, because that’s what we find fulfilling about what we do.

We strive to align ourselves with whatever it takes to achieve great outcomes. No two legal matters are identical, meaning neither are the solutions nor optimal legal strategy. We know that achieving great outcomes requires thorough understanding, ingenuity and flexibility, so we take the time to consider how we can best achieve your goals in light of all your circumstances.


We are committed to empowering you in every aspect of your legal journey.

We prioritise finding personalised and creative ways to educate you within the legal process so you can make informed decisions with confidence. We value building strong relationships and actively seek to strengthen yours by offering you access to our broad network of industry contracts who can support you.

With our team on your side, you will understand your options and have experts who advocate fiercely to protect your interests.


Your circumstances are always changing, and so is the legal landscape. As your life, family and business evolve over the years, we’re by your side providing you with current, focused legal advice that is tailored  to your needs.

We place innovation at the heart of our approach. We embrace technology and developments in the legal industry to streamline processes, enhance communication, and provide our clients with easy access to the information they need. 

Novum Law Group is a member of Property Exchange Australia (PEXA), an online conveyancing platform that provides a property exchange process allowing electronic settlements and lodgement of documents with the Land Registry.