About Novum Law Group

About Novum Law Group

Our team at Novum brings a combination of expertise and commitment to the law. We have confidence in our knowledge and ability to find the right solution, and a culture of communication, collaboration and compassion for our clients.

Our mission is to make quality legal services accessible to all who need it.

Novum Law Group Co-founding Partner Sheredyn Legg
We founded Novum Law Group to provide accessible and approachable legal services to everyone. We love to find novel ways to deliver our legal services and have a real focus on communication and building a strong relationship with our clients.
~ Sheredyn Legg

Novum Law Group was founded by Renee Legg, Principal Partner and Accredited Property Law Specialist and Sheredyn Legg, Partner.

Our dedicated team of lawyers and staff share a vision to provide high-quality legal services you expect from a city firm, with the personal touch you only get at a local firm where you’re more than just a number.

We have clients all over Victoria so if you can’t meet in person at our office at 602 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, we are always available via phone or video calls online.

We provide legal solutions with compassion and expertise in property conveyancing law, wills and succession planning, deceased estates, retirement living and aged care, loans and mortgage advice, and business.

Novum Law Group Team

Our values and mission – how we work

We value communication, collaboration and solving complex legal issues for our clients. Working with Novum Law Group means you’re building a relationship with the lawyer who will be doing the work from the start.
Novum Law Group Co-founding Partner Sheredyn Legg


We start every relationship with a preliminary discussion to understand your goals and choose next steps together, and as a way to really get to know you and what's important to you.

No two legal matters are the same, so neither are the solutions nor the best legal strategy. We know it’s important to be on the same page so we can move forward together to empower you with the right legal structures and solutions. 

We also have access to a broad network of industry contacts who can support you if and when needed.

Novum Law Group Lawyer Renee Legg


We are committed to empowering you in every aspect of your legal journey. With our team on your side, you will understand your options and have experts who advocate fiercely to protect your interests.

We prioritise finding personalised and creative ways to educate you within the legal process so you can make informed decisions with confidence, understanding what is involved and what actions you can take at each step. This is how we get the best outcome for you. 

Novum Law group Lawyer Team


Your circumstances are always changing, and so is the legal landscape. As your life, family and business evolve over the years, we’re by your side providing you with current, focused legal advice that is tailored to your needs and stage of life.

We have many clients who have been with us from purchasing their first home, to planning their retirement to introducing us to the next generation when they need advice too.

We place innovation at the heart of our approach. We embrace technology and developments in the legal industry to streamline processes, enhance communication, and provide our clients with easy access to the information they need.

To create lasting confidence in you, through all stages of your life. This is how we can help:

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